Friday, June 24, 2011

I Don't Like Spitting.

Thus far the Lord has helped me.
But sometimes, 
In the midst of it,
I wonder were God is.
Coming to Brazil was difficult.  I never imagined myself here.  I never really wanted to be here.  But the Lord led me and I followed.  And now I love this part of my life.
But now I'm preparing to leave.  I committed to lead the English program for two years.  It's been two years.  I decided to finish the school year, stay til December.  But...with departure within spitting range, it means I have to admit it's there.  I hate it.  I love the people here.  I love the work here.  But this is a temporary place. 
But then I ask why?
Lord, WHY?
Why did you give me a temporary place?  Why is it time to think about transitioning yet again?  I'm not good with transitions.  I like to stay where I am.  I like to be comfortable.  
Whenever this topic of conversation comes up, I want to cry.  I want to stomp my feet.  I want to throw a fit.
Sometimes I do.
And while I hate even thinking about the fact that I will be leaving my home, my work, and my friends, I know that I can and will say

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