Friday, November 25, 2011

My List of Thanksgivings Turned Into an Acceptance Speech

I'm thankful for
So much.

Counting my blessings
Sounds appropriate.
But on some level
Counting diminishes 
What is and what was.
A list of the things that I hold dearly
Seems small.
Not expressing thankfulness
Is the equivalent of 
Being unthankful 
(on some levels).

I'm thankful for
My family.
Over the years, traveling.  
Coming and going.
Friends have become less constant.
Family remains.
They are forever my cheerleaders
Support and my sounding table.
They know who I am
And they love me.

I'm thankful for
My friends.
Those friends who are constant
Have become family.

I'm thankful for
My church.
Some churches, it seems, 
are full of perfect people
Mine isn't
We're a ragtag group
But we follow the Savior
And He is good beyond measure

I'm thankful for
My students.
Why do I love them?
I dunno.
But I do.
And watching them grow
Is joy.

I'm thankful for
My supporters.
How to express the significance
Of having a person 
The money is good
I needed it.
But more: 
The thought that
This person believes in me
To the point of sacrifice.

I'm thankful for
The hard times.
The struggles have made the good times
Change has happened in me.
I would have been content 
To continue to live easily.
Now I can't.

I'm thankful for
The good times
They're fun.

I'm thankful for
My Lord
His faithfulness
Strength and Love
Carry me
And I will forever follow Him.

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