Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ the Lord is Risen Today

I love Easter.
The excitement surrounding our Savior
Makes me want to giggle like a little girl.
Jesus conquered death.
He is the victor.
I love thinking about Good Friday, the sadness and dispair that I can imagine engulfing the disciples.
Then Easter comes.
Imagine being in that room.
Knowing that Jesus is more powerful than just conquering the Romans.
He conquered death.
Imagine the disciples eyes.
They're smiles going from ear to ear.
It's true!
He is RISEN!

This morning we had a sunrise service...with an amazing breakfast.
Then a perfect Sunday afternoon nap.
Tonight we had all the Americans (and a quasi-American) over for an Easter dinner.
Wonderful food.
Full stomachs.  
An egg dying contest.
Easter egg hunt.
'Twas lovely.
Just lovely.
Wordle: Easter

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