Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Essence of a Conversation when Jeff's Not Around

Brittney:  What do you think about shooting stars?  I think they're giant balls of fire circling the Earth.
Emily:  I know that's what they look like.  However, I once read that they're really tiny bits of rock burning up in the Earth's atmosphere.
Lindsay:  No.  They're really zombies on unicorns.  When they try to enter the Earth's atmosphere, the unicorn cuts a hole with its horn.  But it gets too hot, so that's why we don't see any unicorns on Earth.  Cause they burn up and die.  But if they ever figure out a better system, we'll be in big trouble because nothing's worse than a zombie with the power of a unicorn to help it fly through the air.  Just sayin'
Emily:  I have a headache.


  1. Muhahaha. My plan to take over your brain has worked. This proves it, because I never said that exact quote, but you still knew what I would say! This means a part of you has been taken over by my insanity! Hazaaah!!

  2. At least you realize that it's insanity, I suppose...or maybe that makes it worse...